Russia – the country of opportunity and money. Russia is a country with an interesting history and a rich language. My courses offer you an overall introduction to Russian culture and history which will help you to a better understanding of Russia and the Russian people whether you encounter them privately, professionally or culturally.

Russian culture

Any person, who finds themselves in a different culture, may experience a feeling of discomfort, insecurity and maybe even irritation as a result of the differences in behaviour, norms and rules. This may lead to misunderstandings and problems.

I will help you to be familiar with Russian mentality, thereby avoiding misunderstandings and reducing the cultural shock.

Examples of the subjects of the course are:

  • What are the characteristics of the Russian culture?
  • How do you behave among the Russian people (norms, rules and behavior)?
  • Correct behavior at social events.
  • How do I behave if I host an event for Russians?
  • Important Holidays (X-mas, New Year, Easter etc.)
  • What do I need to remember?

The date: 13.01.14 19.30-20.30. Call for more information: (0045)27265933.

Russian Business culture

Russia is a huge market that grows every day. Russian business mentality and culture is very different from the Danish mentality and this can easily lead to misunderstandings. But if you are well prepared and know the rules and norms of Russian business mentality, many problems can be avoided. The course is short and intensive, but you will learn to understand the Russian business culture and avoid the pitfalls you will encounter when doing business with Russians.

The date: 20.01.14 19.30-20.30. Call for more information (0045)27265933.

Russian history

This course will take you through the major events in Russian history in the last 500 years, which have shaped the Russian soul and mentality. Knowledge of Russian history is a great advantage when dealing with Russians. The Russian people are proud of their history, and they like to talk about the great deeds, victories and defeats the Russian people have experienced. Knowledge of Russian history will help you gain the respect of the Russians, and thereby help you to gain the trust that is essential when dealing with Russians.

Examples of subjects are:

  • Who do the Russian people see the great historical events?
  • Russian identity and national pride in a historical context?
  • Links between Russian history and the future in Russia in relation to stability, civilization, democracy and development.

The date: 27.01.14 19.30-20.30. Call for more information: (0045)27265933.

Know your Russian – understand your Russian partner and help him/her to feel at home in Denmark

Relief yourself from prejudices and get a better understanding of you Russian partner. The course will help you to a better understanding of the Russian mentality and soul, in relation to subjects as family, religion, gender roles and sexuality.

The date: 3.02.14 19.30-20.30. Call for more information: (0045)27265933.

Russian literature

The course primarily covers the great, well-known authors as Pushkin, Dostoevskij and Tolstoj. Russian literature is a difficult subject, and it is a good idea to ask for professional help you are to understand to full aspect of the works. However, Russian literature is rich and it contains wisdom that will enrich everyone who reads it. This course helps you to get a share of this wisdom.

The date: 17.12.13 19.30-20.30. Call for more information: (0045)27265933.