Education in english

English lessons

Learn the English language quickly and easily.

Effective lessons organized according to individual needs and wishes.

English for business

Intensive and effective lessons in the English language for business. The course will prepare you for communication with English business partners and help you to a better understanding of English culture and business mentality.

You have the possibility to receive lessons at our office or if you prefer, in my own classroom at Rosenholms Alle in Aarhus. Lessons can be individual or for groups according to your preferences. The first meeting is free of charge. The purpose of this meeting is to identify your needs and find an    optimal solution. It is also possible to combine the language lessons with lessons in English mentality and culture.

After completing the course you will be able to avoid common misunderstandings and errors when negotiating and working with English business partners.

Individual lessons in English language

This course is designed for those who want to learn to speak English. You might consider travelling to Great Britain, maybe your spouse is English, or maybe you decided it is time to read Shakespeare in the original language. Whatever the reason, I have the lessons you need. You choose whether you prefer individual or group lessons.

I provide lessons for all levels from novice to expert.

English for beginners

This course targets newbie’s who speak little or no English at all. The course covers grammar, pronunciation, dialogues and group exercises.

The English language is a rich language with many possibilities and variations and as such it is also a complicated language. However, I promise I will teach you English in an easy and quick way. The course will also give you an understanding of the English society and culture, helping you to understand the English way of thinking.

English level 2

Level 2 requires that you are familiar with the English alphabet and that you are able to formulate simple sentences in English. The lessons cover grammar, pronunciation, texts, dialogs and exercises on a higher level than English for beginners. The course also gives you useful insight into the soul of the Russian people, helping you to a better understanding of the English mentality and thinking.

Intensive English (individual or small group lessons)

Intensive English is a course for you who need to learn English in a hurry. I am able to provide you with 7 to 10 lessons (45 minutes per lesson) a day. The lessons will target you specific individual needs for maximum benefit.

Weekend course

As intensive English, but taking place over 2-5 weekends (Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm)


The lessons are planned according to your individual needs. Lessons are transmitted via Skype. All you need is a PC or tablet with Skype access. It is easy, and you will save time and money on transport.